Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) Hearing

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) hearing is one more proof that we need younger and tech-savy senators (representatives) for these issues. Same deal with climate change, we need scientists not lawyers or businessman. They all approach this issue with an old people mentality.

My conclusion of the 5 hour hearing is:

1. Facebook / Google / Twitter or any other social media will never have a paid version. Because if they do, they automatically become accountable for leaks, breaches and exploits in a civilized country. They have been hiding behind "This is a optional free service. You can opt-out." for a long time. I say it's B.S. As in Google, when you have more than 70% of the internet searches, you are not an optional service anymore. Same with Facebook, if you have 2.2 billion users, you are not an optional service anymore. You become the standard. When you have 9 minutes, watch this TED Talk

2. Facebook should change "Your data belongs to you" terminology to "You have some control on your data". For those who think "privacy is not an issue, I have nothing to hide", spare 3.5 mins and watch this below video by Edward Snowden.

3. Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. John Kennedy proved once again that they are one-sided and their IQ is lower than average human.

4. Mark Zuckerberg is definitely socially awkward, and don't know how to explain things to non-techies (especially to old ones).

5. Facebook has their asses covered legally.

So once again, what have we learned from this?