Year in Review - 2017

I've been seeing all companies doing a compilation videos of their year 2017. Decided to share all I can find on this page.

So many things happened during my 2017; sickness, lost family members, happiness, weddings, new babies. Simply life happened. I had to eliminate a lot of photos from this to fit in a 60sec video. Here are few memorable moments from my 2017 ❤

Maybe we just met this year, maybe you have been in my life for decades, doesn't really matter. You somehow stood out in my 2017. Thank you all family, old & new friends for making it a great year.

Let's "Enjoy the journey" 💥

Few Memorable Moments thru 2017

GoPro: Best of 2017 - Year in Review

Google - Year In Search 2017

Luc Bergeron - Best of Web 10 - HD - Zapatou

YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind