Cliff Jumping at Yakima River, WA

Locals gather for a day of fun and adrenaline at this pretty cool spot. When I saw the cliff, I had to be there and film it. So many people unaware of how fun this spot can be. Yakima River cliff jumping near Ellensburg, WA. About 15 mile marker South on Canyon Road.
Here is the video of my day on September 1st, 2013. I jumped of a cliff! What did you do that day?

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Snowboarding - Summit at Snoqualmie

I didn't have any chances to go snowboarding for 10 years, although it has been my life passion. However last year I've visited Seattle, WA and snowboarded. Here is a clip of me and my brother snowboarding in Summit at Snoqualmie.

Couple inches of fresh snow, a sunny day and not many people on the slopes. Perfect day for this video.

We forgot our GoPro's memory card at home :( so we shot all the videos with Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phones. My brother and I both own Nokia Lumia 920. I'm very impressed with the high resolution video quality. It's still a bit shaky but still learning. You can also watch this video in HD at

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