Is Google losing its touch?

I was somewhat relieved to read this blog by James Whittaker, a former Google employee. Kind of a proof of things, we see from our point of view (developers, seo experts), are pretty much the same from inside the giant Google. For the last 8 years, a lot of online businesses suffered because of Google's changes in it's algorithm - Florida update of 2003Panda update of 2011. I do not blame Google for these sudden changes, however the way they handled the situation is the issue for me.
Among technical peoples, we always said "Google used to be a great search engine with the most accurate SERP". Like Whittaker says "not anymore". At SEO and e-commerce conferences, we had opportunities to listen Google employees since 2002. Their intentions were obviously good, however they did not think most of their decisions thoroughly. Now I'm not sure of their intentions.
Let's hear what James Whittaker has to say about Google. I couldn't agree more to Whittaker.

Perhaps Google is right. Perhaps the future lies in learning as much about people’s personal lives as possible. Perhaps Google is a better judge of when I should call my mom and that my life would be better if I shopped that Nordstrom sale. Perhaps if they nag me enough about all that open time on my calendar I’ll work out more often. Perhaps if they offer an ad for a divorce lawyer because I am writing an email about my 14 year old son breaking up with his girlfriend I’ll appreciate that ad enough to end my own marriage. Or perhaps I’ll figure all this stuff out on my own.

Read the all the blog entry at Why I left Google by James Whittaker.

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